Four Legs and a Tail Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services, Toronto
Four Legs and a Tail Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services, Toronto
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Sweet Maya Summer 2005

Welcome to Four Legs and a Tail©

At Four Legs and a Tail, our pet sitting service provides your pet with the same care, love and attention that you would.

Why use Four Legs and a Tail for your pet sitting needs?

Our pet sitting service is designed to assist you in providing stress-free travel while on business, attending family gatherings, or on vacation trips, and provides the following additional benefits:
  • Your special companion will receive the same love and attention you provide.
  • Your special friend gets to stay in its familiar comfortable environment with recognizable smells, reducing stress and feelings of abandonment.
  • They maintain familiar sleeping arrangements. I can even sleep with your pet, if that is the usual arrangement. (See the Gallery for pictures of some of my satisfied customers.)
  • Staying in their own home reduces risk to illness and disease.
  • Your home will have an occupied appearance, to fulfill your homeowner insurance requirements.
  • You do not have to impose on friends, family or neighbours.
  • No matter what time you return, your friend will be at the door to welcome you with lots of love.
  • You will not have to spend extra time to drop off or pickup your friend when you return.
  • If you have more than one pet, it is more economical than a kenneling facility.
  • No extra charge for feeding small furry caged pets.
  • And perhaps, most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing your house and special friend are being taken care of by an insured, bonded, loving person.

Private, Semi Private, and Small Group Dog Walking

Now offering small group walks, max of 3 compatible dogs. I primarily do private and semi private dog walking.

Dogs are always walked on a leash on the street. Playtime off leash is in a confined area, backyard, or off-leash dog park when agreed to with the owner. If your dog is used to having off-leash time in the park I can build a relationship with the dog the same as you to make sure they get the maximum exercise during their outing.

Most dogs are taken to off-leash parks for a good run and play time, either with other dogs or fetching balls. I offer various periods of walking time, and quite often these are extended, but they are never shortened.


Need Help With a Dog That Requires Special Attention?

Older, recovering, skittish, and high-strung dogs need patience and complete focus from a caregiver. I can provide the extra care they need.

Four Legs and a Tail Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services, Toronto